The world of indie horror is a place that is never short on interesting ideas.  The fact that there is a compelling film about a transdimensional portal in a shower, should not come as a surprise.  Curtain is a great example of what you can accomplish when you have a great idea and a small budget.  Where it lacks in effects and expensive settings, it makes up in great acting and a stronger-than-expected script.  The stylistic choices are interesting and creates a surreal, beautiful experience that mashes numerous genres and styles.

Curtain is about a young woman named Danni who moves into her New York apartment and quickly finds that her bathroom is a shower curtain eating portal that activates every time she closes the door.  Things ramp up when Danni and her friend (Whale-saving activist, Tim) start to track down where these curtains are going.  What follows is an enjoyably creepy, headtrip of a film.

The meat of the story includes a populous of great characters including killer monsters, blind cult leaders and breast obsessed janitors.  Although the film has a very lean run time (74 minutes), the filmmaker still manages to flush out these roles and give each of their performances weight.  The overall feel of this film reminds me of earlier David Lynch, but with a air of whimsy and humor.  This influence is shown especially well in the dream sequences that are campy, but creepy in a way that echoes the offbeat tone of movies like Eraserhead and Wild At Heart. The few minor gripes that I had stemmed directly from the film’s budget and some awkward editing.  These complaints are very small and do not take away much from the final product. Overall, if you are looking for a fun, eccentric horror movie then Curtains is right up your alley.  It is currently on its festival run and I will update as information is made available.

3.5/5 STAR