Mitchell Altieri has made a lot of interesting films over the past 15 years, originally operating as one-half of “The Butcher Brothers”. My first exposure being The Hamiltons.  It was one of the better films to come out of the After Dark Film series and he has continued to make odd, entertaining films over the past few years.  So when I saw that he was directing a new horror-comedy called The Night Watchmen, I was pretty excited and surprised that it was premiering in my hometown of Atlanta.  I am pretty picky when it comes to comedy, but at only 5 minutes in I was belly laughing in my seat.  This slapstick, gore-soaked comedy came out of nowhere and left me with a smile on my face for its entire runtime.  Some may be too cool for its silly (and occasionally campy) sensibilities, but those people are not the target audience and will probably never see it.

The Night Watchmen is a story about a group of security guards at a Baltimore Newspaper , who are going through an average day of work.  They recently hired a new guy and during his orientation, the building is attacked by bloodthirsty clowns.  This outbreak happens when a local (celebrity) clown is killed in Romania and his body is delivered to the wrong address.  From here, the gang has to stick together to hilariously battle the undead and try to make it through the night.

I have mentioned how funny this film is, but this is still a horror film.  Tons of gore gags and arterial sprays are littered through this picture and it is hard not to smile each time it occurs. Another standout is all of the stunts and action scenes.  There are full body burns, high flying monsters and even a spider-walking vampire (ala The Exorcist).  Even with all of this great action, the cast really carries this film and the mile a minute comedy style works well.  It becomes very apparent that the cast are really friends and that the chemistry on film is 100% real, making it even easier to rally behind our heroes.  This is one of the best horror-comedies the year and I am hoping this film finds its audience.  I have a good feeling that this title will be on a lot of top ten lists and will be a Netflix hit.  THE NIGHT WATCHMEN IS CURRENTLY PLAYING FILM FESTIVALS, BUT THERE SHOULD BE RELEASE INFO SOON


  1. The Night Watchmen took home the Best Feature award for this year’s Buried Alive! Horror Film Festival …Well Deserved

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