I love the way that my 2015 is turning out!  Over the past few weeks I have stumbled across some great little, low budget titles.  Last week it was Androgynym (read below for the full review) and this week it is the sleaziest movie of the year, Death-Scort Service.  This is a fun, mean spirited gorefest that displays the talents of both Sleaze Box and Gatorblade films.  This unholy union works well together and the results are a lot of fun to watch.  The kills are gross and exciting, but the true star of this film is Krystal “Pixie” Adams.  Once again, she steals the show and brings a charisma to her role that very few actors can in this level of film.  I single her out, but this (mostly) female cast is all pretty spectacular. Each role is played well and these lovely ladies seem to be having fun with the parts that they are given.  The story is pretty minimal, but does keep enough focus to make sense in the end.


We start with a house full of “working girls”, showering and discussing their recent interactions with clients.  After this brief introduction, (director) Sean Donohue and Co. cut to the chase and go straight to the stalk-kill sequences.  The killer is first revealed from a typical POV style, revealing only the giallo-esque black gloves.  The murders pile up quickly and we find that there is a reason this killer is targeting this group of beautiful young prostitutes…revenge.

I know that I keep using the word “fun”, but I just can’t think of a more appropriate adjective.  Death-Scort Service knows what type of movie it is and revels in it throughout the film’s 79 minute runtime.  Besides the starring roles, we get great cameos from some familiar faces (Bob Glazier, Joel D Wynkoop and Evan Stone) that all add to the insanity.  There are a few small things that I feel would have helped the film reach its full potential.  I think that a little more time spent introducing the victims would have added more weight and clarity to the story.  I get that this movie is fast-paced, but a little more info on these gals would have gone a long way.  All in all, if you have enjoyed other films from Sleaze Box then you will definitely dig this nudity filled, gore soaked throwback to Slashers and Madmen.  Death-Scort Service is currently available on DVD.

3.75/5 STARS


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