Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)

It is back, we didn’t ask for it but it showed up anyways.  After 5 installments we all thought that this little cash cow had dried up and been put out to pasture.  No, I guess they thought that they could crank out one more low-brow entry in a series full of them.  I know its not cool to admit, but I kind of like this series.  What started as a pretty neat novelty, quickly became a cluster of dumb storylines and perfectly timed jump scares.  As movies, they are all shit.  But as a braindead activity in a theater, they work like gangbusters.

This sixth installment starts with (yet again) another family stumbling across tapes and past generational curses.  The dad finds some kind of 80s 3D camera and becomes obsessed with the strange footage he is picking up.  Like the others, it is revealed that the spirits communicating are evil beings and then a loud family yells for 90 minutes about ghosts.  You know the drill at this point.  Second (or 6th) verse, same as the first.

I enjoy picking on this franchise, but its not that bad.  The filmmakers seem to be having fun and the addition of 3D feels right out of the William Castle playbook.  The whole thing reminds me a lot of Jaws 3, especially in its attempt at reviving a dead series.  The story is gibberish, but the funhouse approach makes up for a lot of its faults.  If you have to go to a movies for Halloween, then give this mediocre novelty movie a chance.  Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension will be available 10/23 on limited release.  Thanks for reading !!!

2.5/5 STARS

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