TURBO KID (2015)

I dont know about you guys and gals, but i feel like there has been a recent drought of good genre flicks lately.  Maybe we are in that lull right before fall, but it has been bumming me out a little.  Thankfully a handful of Canadians got together and wrote a wonderful love letter to 80s apocalypse films in the form of TURBO KID.  The story is your typical “In a world” doomsday scenario, but inserts its own gonzo style that is both nostalgic and refreshingly original.

TURBO KID begins with an info dump that lets us know that there was a cataclysmic event that has tainted the world and all it resources.  People are scraping their way through the Wasteland and just about everyone is dead.  Did I mention that it is the year 1997?  We are quickly introduced to the titular Turbo Kid and we get a glimpse into how this wasteland works.  Mostly that everyone collects junk and rides BMX bikes (a gag that never gets old, no matter how many times it is seen).  Our hero meets a companion, confront baddies and embarks on an old school adventure of revenge and survival.

The film relies heavily on nostalgia, but it is clever enough to do more than just mine your memories of the VHS era.  The blending of digital with practical effects is amazing.  The splatter in most of this film is exaggerated and fun, leaving everyone in this film dripping with red stuff.  Most of the violence is over the top and comical.  Which only adds to it charm every time someone gushes a river of blood and gore onto the screen. There has been tons of throwback movies that have been released over the past ten years, but this is one of the best.  Maybe only trumped by their fellow Canucks, Astron-6.  TURBO KID is currently available on Itunes and Vimeo.




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