THE TRIBE (2014)

“Don’t tell me, show me!”  That is my battle cry when watching movies and this film couldn’t tell you…even if it wanted to.  If you did not already know, this movie is told entirely through Ukrainian sign language with no subtitles or voiceover.  Each scene is told only in tone and body language, excluding traditional language is a bold move but works.  The only downside is context.  There are times that I wish I knew a little bit more, but I guess that is the point.  I do warn that this film goes much further than your average arthouse fare.  Offering brutal violence and heartbreaking scenes of coming-of-age gone awry.  Personally, the star of the show is its camerawork.  Long takes of handheld camera that reminds me of earlier works from Gaspar Noe, especially Irreversible.  All in all, if you are open minded and crave originality then The Tribe is your movie.  If story and context is your bag, then run for the hills.


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