Man! This was disappointing.  I loved the trailers and one-sheets that were used to promote the film, but the finished project was a mess.  IFC seems to buy anything lately and this film is a great example of this recent track record.  The premise is pretty cool, a low-budget crossover of Mad Max and every zombie film you have ever seen, but there is so much plot.  Seriously you could make 8 movies with all of the plot jammed into its 108 minute running time.  Wyrmwood is not worth the $8 VOD price, but I would suggest watching it when it inevitably goes to Netflix streaming.


TUSK (2014)

It’s not great but it is fun. The writing is distinctively Kevin Smith and I love that , but if you think he’s annoying. Then you will hate this. it’s pretty awesome for the first two acts and then really unravels in the third. A pretty famous actor pops in and overstays his welcome, this slows the movie down to a crawl. Overall, it is worth seeing and should be taken as what it is:a movie based a Craigslist ad, then developed on a podcast. Which after reading that back to myself I instantly like it more.



What a beautifully shot mess. The movie is shot like a Terrance Mallick road movie but has the convolution of Blade 3. I enjoyed watching it but realized that in the end I didn’t know nor care what happened.

2.5/5 STARS


Scrolling through Netflix I found this movie and was curious what the heck it was.  After sitting through its run time, I can say it is terrible in a way very few films are.  Melodramatic doesn’t even start to explain this brainless 21st century retelling of The Salem Witch Trials.  The ending is more than just a betrayal of what you watched, it is infuriating and so over-the-top, it would make John Waters chuckle.  I know, I know this film is not really made for a 33 year old man but come on!  This is really, really bad.

.5/5 STARS


Painfully average horror/drama that offers very little to the already brimming world of vampire flicks.  I love what Eli Roth is doing (giving his buddies opportunities) but hope his next producing credit is closer to Clown than this.



A spectacularly violent and mysterious film that feels both existential and playful throughout its run time.  This is the kind of movie that requires multiple viewings and could easily climb to 5 stars with a little time.  Artsploitation does it again and by that I mean they deliver when it comes to interesting oddities of world cinema.



No one knows how to be a ghoul like the Japanese do. This arthouse hybrid of gore and sexuality is complete gibberish, but offers such strong visuals that the plot does not matter at all. There is a little of everything in this movie, but most importantly it brings some beautifully shot gore-set-pieces. Evil kids, Shinto exorcisms and someone giving birth to a full size adult are just a few of the goodies that you will find in its well paced 100 minutes. Dig this up and watch it!



At only 85 minutes this could be the most ambitious movie I’ve seen in years.  Set in 1976, the film follows a young native american girl named Alia.  The story revolves around the real life case of residential schools abusing (mentally and physically) the young native community of Canada.  At its core it is a revenge story, but allows itself to morph into a rebellious piece of folk art.
 I do warn that this is a very rough way to spend your time. From the opening 5 minutes it starts on a down note and never really recovers into anything much cheerier. That said, if you can take a little emotional abuse and want to see something inspiring, get on Netflix and watch it!                                                    4/5 STARS

R100 (2014)

If there was a 5th wall, this film just came blasting through it. Like a blend of Quentin Dupieux and Sion Sono, with a little Bunuel on the side. I can’t decide if anything or everything matters but there is something so unique and appealing about this film. This is a movie for absolutely no one and everyone, simultaneously. Kick back and enjoy.

4.5/5 STARS