CUB (2014)

Over the past year I have been reading incredible reviews about a little Danish film called Cub.  Does it live up to the hype? Yes…well, kind of.  Everything about the film is pretty great, especially on a technical level.  Unfortunately there are a few things holding it back.  Most of the film’s problems come from its unfocused plot that seems to be following a “we can make it up as we go” motto.  What ultimately saves the movie is its simplicity.  The story follows a young, akward boy who is going on a camping trip with his fellow cub scouts.  As you may have already guessed, there is a local legend about a feral child named Kai that is known to stalk the woods.  Once the group gets there they slowly learn that the legends may be true.  Pretty typical, right?  But i left out a huge twist.  These kids arent teens or even played by teens, all of the actors are young kids who really hold their own in the film.  The director (Jonas Govaerts) does not shy away in the violence department and offers some pretty shocking set pieces that leave you on edge throughout its brisk run time.  Overall, I suggest watching this film and enjoying it for what it is.  It wont hold up to much scrutiny, but does offer a new take on the slasher genre we all know and love.

3.5/5 STARS

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