COYOTE (2014)

In the past week I have seen 2 great films starring Bill Oberst Jr.  I have always written him off as one of those actors that will be in anything, but never really gave him an honest chance to notice his abilities.  Well that is over and I am sold.  Coyote is wonderfully strange and defies any logical ideas about filmmaking.  It is seldom that you see a film take so many chances and care so little about what the viewer expects or wants.  The cinematography changes from scene to scene and can transition from “fishbowl” angles to bizarrely lit handheld shots with little effort.  This schizophrenic approach allows the story to play out in surreal ways that are more nightmare logic than straight forward narrative.  The fx work is spotty but works well enough to give a sense of dread to the film.  I cannot stress how well acted this film is and how excited I am to see what is next from this director.  Eventually you will see this film wedged between Danny Trejo and generic zombie flicks, but don’t write it off just yet.  This is thoughtful and surreal horror that will exceed any expectations you may have and delivers something unique.


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